The District, in concert with Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College, is developing an education park at the former Marine Corps Air Station in Tustin, CA, called the Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP). The development area consists of 61.4 acres within the 1,606 acre Tustin Legacy. The Tustin Legacy includes city and regional parks, housing, public schools, commercial businesses, major shopping complexes, and a research park.

arial footage of ATEP campus

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Leasing Property at ATEP

The district’s board of trustees approved the ATEP Development Framework in 2015 after acceptance of the framework from the City of Tustin. The framework serves as the vision of the site’s development and as a guide to potential educational and business partners. The first building to open at ATEP was Irvine Valley College’s IDEA Building in April 2018 and serves students in several academic areas, including integrated design, engineering, and automation. Parcels remain available for lease to private companies at ATEP. For leasing information, please use this link to the district's real estate representative.

ATEP Map showing parcels for lease
ATEP aerial photo with parcels

Site Development Planning & Resources

Historical Resources

ATEP Development Milestones

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SOCCCD / Tustin Framework Agreement 2015

11x17 inch posters showing framework vision 2015

SOCCCD / Tustin Development Agreement 2013

ATEP Advertising History 2019-2022

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