Our community is better with you in it!

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Here at SOCCCD, we understand that diversity makes us stronger. We value and respect faculty, staff, and students who embody different cultures, ages, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, and life experiences.

It is our belief that the breadth of human experience provides the foundation for rich educational experiences, as well as vibrant campus communities where each person feels a sense of belonging. A commitment to continuing to learn, grow, and improve is at the heart of SOCCCD's equity and inclusion values.

We seek the advice of experts, relevant research, as well as community members’ lived experiences in our efforts to move our campuses toward even more safe and inclusive spaces. As new equity issues are identified, we challenge ourselves to respond with education, support, and institutional change for the betterment of all students.

Supporting LGBTQIA+

The District supports LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff and the community, and we continue to look at how we can adapt institutionally to better serve our diverse population. Click above to learn how SOCCCD is an ally, find LGBTQIA+ campus liaisons for culturally competent support and resources, learn about our affinity group, Pride Scholars program, and the Gender and Sexuality clubs on our campuses.

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

The District is committed to a workforce that is continually responsive to the needs of a diverse student population and ensures that all persons receive an equal opportunity to compete for employment and promotion within the district and, as such, has created an EEO plan. The Plan reflects our commitment to equal employment opportunity (EEO) and promotes practices that are inclusive and nondiscriminatory.

Title IX Protections

Title IX refers to the 1972 federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in education programs or activities that receive federal assistance. The District is committed to ensuring a respectful and inclusive academic and work environment, free from gender and sex discrimination in all programs and activities we operate-- consistent with Title IX, federal and state laws, and District policy.

First Name Campaign

The District's First Name Campaign allows students to go by the first and middle name of their choosing across our campuses. While this program is a benefit to any student, the program was enacted in response to AB 620, and to actively support gender diversity and privacy protections for transgender and non-binary students.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are made up of employees and students who work in an advisory role on district decisions in an effort to educate, provide safe spaces, and promote consideration for under-represented groups of students and employees. They advise the District on ways to help address diversity, equity, and inclusion in both recruitment of students and hiring of staff.

Dates the District Honors and Observes

As a district, we believe in honoring and observing important dates throughout the year, and as such, we support more than 100 dates commemorating topics such as Black History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Cesar Chavez Day, and more.

ADA Accommodations

The South Orange County Community College District strives to create and promote an equitable and diverse workforce and learning environment by ensuring that reasonable accommodations are implemented to support disabled students, employees, and applicants. The District understands and recognizes that reasonable accommodations provide a lifeline to those with disability, allowing them to contribute their talents and abilities more fully in the world.

It is the policy of the SOCCCD to fully comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (BP3425). Consistent with that policy, disability accommodations will be provided as needed for program access, upon request. Please contact Cindy Barron, ADA Compliance Manager at cbarron@ socccd.edu or (949) 582-4984, for needed accommodations or alternate formats.