The South Orange County Community College District recognizes the right of citizens to have access to public records. SOCCCD intends to provide any person or organization reasonable access to the public records of SOCCCD, upon request, during normal business hours and within the requirements of the law.

Public access shall not be given to records exempt from public disclosure under the California Public Records Act or which are designated as confidential, private, or privileged under other state or federal law. See BP and AR 3300, linked below, for a list of exceptions.

SOCCCD may charge for copies of public records or other materials requested by individuals or groups, in accordance with law. The charge shall be based on actual costs of duplication, as determined by the chancellor or designee and as specified in regulations.

Please click the link below to access our public records system for viewing and making requests.

Make a Public Records Request

Submit a written request via U.S. mail to the Public Affairs Department at:

Office of Public Affairs
South Orange County Community College District
28000 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

The District will determine whether the requested records are public, or whether they are exempted by District Board Policies and Administrative Procedures 3300, Public Records. At times, it may be necessary to consult legal counsel to ensure this is done in accordance with state law and District practice.

The District will respond within 10 days, either with the requested information, or to communicate that additional time is required to gather the information. In unusual circumstances, the timeline may be extended by an additional 14 calendar days.

SOCCCD Board Policy 3300 - Public Records

SOCCCD Administrative Regulation 3300 - Public Records

If you are assisting the Office of Public Affairs with fulfilling a Public Records Request, please click below to view our fact sheet (PDF).

PRa fact sheet

ADA Accommodations

The South Orange County Community College District strives to create and promote an equitable and diverse workforce and learning environment by ensuring that reasonable accommodations are implemented to support disabled students, employees, and applicants. The District understands and recognizes that reasonable accommodations provide a lifeline to those with disability, allowing them to contribute their talents and abilities more fully in the world.

It is the policy of the SOCCCD to fully comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (BP3425). Consistent with that policy, disability accommodations will be provided as needed for program access, upon request. Please contact Cindy Barron, ADA Compliance Manager at or (949) 582-4984, for needed accommodations or alternate formats.