The Board of Trustees conducts an annual evaluation of its performance in order to continually assess its effectiveness. The process typically includes surveys of board members and employees, discussion of the survey results, review of major initiatives and policy changes, and a workshop to set new goals. Below is a review of the materials used at the most recent board evaluation workshop.

February 3, 2022: Board Evaluation Workshop

DISCUSSION ITEMS: Highlights from the meeting include:

1. Resolution 22.02 to Authorize Remote Teleconference Board Meetings Pursuant to AB 361

2. Redistricting Maps

3. Presentation on the Brown Act

4. Board Procedural

5. Board of Trustees' Evaluation and Employee Evaluation

6. Progress on and Development of Proposed Annual Board Goals

SURVEY RESULTS: Two surveys were completed as part of the evaluation process.

(Please note that in 2020 the Board transitioned to a calendar year for evaluations.)

Board Evaluation Results Dashboard

To view the entire dashboard without scrolling, on the bottom, right side of the dashboard is a button "See this in full screen"