The Saddleback@ATEP project is a new complex with two buildings that will house the Saddleback College's Advanced Transportation department and the Culinary Arts department.

ATEP Aerial View from Campus Entry
Aerial View from Campus Entry


The building was designed with a focus on sustainability and includes the following modifications:

  • Oriented to maximize the prevailing breeze and natural ventilation through operable windows
  • 252 kW of Photo Voltaic panels to offset a significant portion of the building’s energy use
  • Electric heating and cooling systems to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. 

The new buildings will total just under 50,000 square feet, be single story, with an architectural block, metal panel, glass exterior, and metal roof with sweeping "S" shape to mirror the adjacent IVC IDEA Building. 

Culinary Arts Building
Culinary Arts Building
Auto tech building
Advanced Transportation Building
Main Entries - Looking North
Main Entries Looking North
ATEP Materials Palette
ATEP Materials Palette