Supportive Measures

The District may provide supportive measures at any point during an investigation. These actions are designed to ensure equal educational access, protect the safety of all parties or the District’s educational environment, or deter sexual harassment. These measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Counseling or a referral to counsel services;
  • Providing medical services or a referral to medical services;
  • Extensions of deadlines or other course-related adjustments;
  • Modifications of work or class schedules;
  • Campus escort services;
  • Mutual restrictions on contact between the parties;
  • Changes in work locations;
  • Leaves of absence;
  • Preventing offending third parties from entering campus; and
  • Increased security and monitoring of certain areas of the campus, and other similar measures.

Requests for supportive measures may be requested from the Title IX Coordinator or college Title IX Officer. Supportive measures are only enforceable by the District.   

Confidential Resources

The below resources are confidential, meaning these departments cannot share information about your complaint (including your name) unless (1) you allow them to; or (2) you are at risk of self-harm; or (3) you have threatened to harm another.

Irvine Valley College Health and Wellness Center
Location: Student Services Center (SSC) Room 150
P: 949-451-5221; F: 949-451-5393

Saddleback College Student Health Center
Location: Student Services Center (SSC) Room 177
P: 949-582-4606; F: 949-582-4227

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Anthem Blue Cross EAP - 800-999-7222 or visit        
ACI EAP – 855-RSL HELP or visit

On-Campus Resources (Non-Confidential)

The below resources are private but not confidential.  These persons are required to share information about your complaint (including your name) with the Title IX Coordinator or college Title IX Officer who will have a duty to address and investigate your complaint. 


Irvine Valley College & ATEP

Saddleback College

Campus Police IVC Campus Police
Location: CP 100
Emergency: 949-451-5234
SC Police Department
Location: Lower Campus
Emergency: 949-582-4444
District Title IX Coordinator

Karen Dubert, District Director of Employee Relations & Title IX Coordinator

Karen Dubert, District Director of Employee Relations & Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Officer for Students Dr. Martha McDonald, Vice President for Student Services
Jennifer LaBounty, Vice President for Student Services
Deputy Title IX Officer

Ezra Omar

Ezra Omar
Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) IVC DSPS
Location: Student Services Center, SSC 171
Location: Student Services Center, SSC 113
Video Phone: 949-482-4430
International Student Center IVC International Student Program
Location: CEC 7949-451-5414
SC International Student Program
Location: SSC 107

Off-Campus Resources

Law Enforcement

  • In all cases of emergency, call 911
  • North Orange County Sheriff’s Department (Non-Emergency):         714-647-7000
  • South Orange County Sheriff’s Department (Non-Emergency):         949-770-6011

Local Hotlines, Referrals and Other Victim Services

  • Community Service Program - Sexual Assault / Rape Crisis Hotline
    T: 714-957-2737 or 949-831-9110
    Confidential support from trained sexual assault counselors available 24/7
  • Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS), So. Orange County:            949-752-1971
  • SAVS, North Orange County (Santa Ana):                                        714-834-4317
  • LGBT Center OC (Santa Ana):                                              714-953-LGBT (5428)
  • Domestic Violence Assistance Program Community Service Programs
    T: 714-935-7956 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Employee Assistance Programs

  • ACI Employee Assistance Program – confidential services which include telephonic clinical assessment and referral and in-person sessions
    855-RSL-HELP (855-775-4357)

National Hotlines

Advocacy Organizations

  • Anti-Violence Project
    An LGBTQ anti-violence organization which supports survivors of violence.
    24-Hour Bilingual Hotline: 212-714-1141

The below shelters provide housing, counseling, and other violence assistance services:

Restraining Orders

The District complies with California law in recognizing court orders.  Any person who obtains an order of protection from California or any other state should provide a copy to the college police department, a Title IX Coordinator/Officer or Human Resources.  At any time, an individual can contact the college police department to develop a safety action plan, which is a plan for campus police and the victim to reduce risk of harm while on campus.    

The victim is required to apply directly for a legal order of protection, no contact order, or restraining order from the applicable jurisdiction(s).  The District cannot apply for a court order on behalf of a victim. 

The Superior Court of California, County of Orange provides information about the various types of restraining orders and steps to obtain the following restraining orders:

  1. Emergency Protective Order
  2. Domestic Violence Restraining Order
  3. Civil Harassment Restraining Order
  4. Workplace Violence Prevention Restraining Order