Active bystander intervention

Bystanders play a critical role in preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault.  They are individuals who are not directly involved but make a choice to intervene and/or speak up to prevent violence and to look out for each other’s safety.  If you or someone else is in immediate danger, dial 911.

Below are ways in which someone can be an active bystander:

  1. Look out for your friends and fellow students/employees. If someone appears to be in trouble or needs help, ask if they are OK or create a distraction. 
  2. Intervene when people make sexual advances toward people who are incapacitated.
  3. Speak up when someone discusses taking sexual advantage of another person.
  4. Support someone who discloses they have experienced sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking.
  5. Refer people to on- and off-campus resources, including confidential and non-confidential resources. 

Immediate Steps to take if you are sexually assaulted or harmed by an act of domestic or dating violence

Individuals are encouraged to report potential crimes of sexual assault or domestic/dating violence to law enforcement or call 911 to be taken to an emergency room for medical care and/or for immediate police protection and assistance.  In the meantime, do not change clothes, bathe, douche, or brush your teeth. This is important for the evidence collection process that will occur at the hospital.

Although the District strongly encourages all members of its community to report violations of this policy to law enforcement, it is the victim’s choice whether or not to make such a report and victims have the right to decline involvement with the police. The District or the Title IX Coordinator/Deputies will assist any victim with notifying local police if they so choose.