Today’s students have high expectations for service and performance at their institutions. Higher education leaders, like SOCCCD, are thinking more creatively about how our people, processes, and technology can work together more efficiently to meet and exceed those expectations and take the gold.

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In this ever-changing world of education, we need to deliver a convenient, connected technology experience that makes everyday tasks easier for our students, faculty, and staff. Built to meet that challenge, Banner, the world’s leading higher education enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, will help our institution perform at its best. It includes self-service options that let users train and access the features they need any time, from any device, and is designed to simplify everyday processes—so we can go the distance and offer our teams the support they need to bring home the gold!

Check back frequently to see how SOCCCD's Team Banner trains as a team, passes the torch along the way, and celebrates our accomplishments.


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