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The district supports and celebrates LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff. In doing so, we continue to look at how we can change our institutions to better serve our LGBTQ+ community.

What Does LGBTQIA+ Mean?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and beyond. The term "LGBTQIA+," which is often shortened to LGBTQ+, represents a highly diverse group of people covering a wide array of sexual orientations, gender identities, as well as people who are intersex. The term LGBTQ+ encompasses people from every culture, age, socio-economic status, and life experience. If you’d like to learn more about these terms, please visit The GLAAD Media Reference Guide.

To find about more ways that the district and our colleges support the LGBTQ+ community, please visit our page on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access.

Finding Support at Our Colleges

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion can be seen through the many on-campus programs available to our students. Our mission is to remove barriers to academic success and promote engagement and achievement toward academic goals for all students. Below are some ways the district can help:

LGBTQ+ Liaisons serve as a contact point for  students and employees who are looking for culturally competent support and resources. These liaisons act in accordance with California Education Code 66271.2 which requires all California community college campuses to have a specific contact person for LGBTQIA+ needs.

ATEP Campus: Debbie Vanschoelandt (949-367-8310 |, Dean of Career and Continuing Education and Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation 

Irvine Valley College: Erin Pollard ( Interim Manager of the Student Equity Programs

Saddleback College: Georgina Guy (949-582-4738 x4738 |, Dean of Student Equity and Special Programs

The Lavender Affinity Group is comprised of individuals who advise the district on operations - such as planning, hiring, or funding - that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the district and in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. The group helps to connect the LGBTQIA+ community of professionals and allies and will assist individuals to be more productive and successful in career and life endeavors.

Pride Scholars provides support for self-identifying LGBTQ+ students and allies. Coordinated through the Office of Student Equity, Pride Scholars hosts several events though the year, including: • Campus events, such as National Coming Out Day and Pride Celebration. • Monthly group meetings called “Lavender Chats” aim to build community and support on campus. • Support is available for students to attend conferences and events specific to the queer community. • Pride Scholars Program Scholarships. • One-on-one personal, career and academic counseling provided by a Pride Scholars Counselor.

Please contact the appropriate office to learn about the on campus clubs and be connected with your college's Gender and Sexuality Alliance faculty advisor:

In accordance with California Law AB 1732 all single use restrooms have been made available to people of all genders. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use the restrooms that best fit their gender identity. All-gender restrooms are open to all persons on campus who would like to use them. All-gender restrooms are marked on these campus maps:

• Irvine Valley College Campus Map

• Saddleback College Campus Map

• ATEP Campus Map

Training for Staff and Faculty on LGBTQ+ Issues

The District regularly provides Safe Space Training opportunities to faculty, staff, and students. Training participants deepen their knowledge of gender and sexual diversity, respectful and gender-affirming communication, and supportive and inclusive techniques for the classroom. Providing active support is highlighted to empower both students and employees to make positive impacts to their campus communities. Please contact Human Resources at or 949-582-4850 to schedule a training session for your department.

One of the best ways we can become better allies to a community is to continually increase our education . Remember, educating one’s self as an ally is like bridge painting. As soon as you feel you are done, it’s time to start over again. Here are some ways to increase your LGBTQ+ cultural competency:

1. Attend a Safe Space Training on your campus

2. Contact your LGBTQ+ Campus Liaison for details and how to contribute to be an active ally on your campus

ATEP Campus: Debbie Vanschoelandt Dean of Career and Continuing Education and Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation 

Irvine Valley College: Office of Student Equity

Saddleback College: Georgina Guy, Dean of Student Equity and Special Programs

3. Complete the “LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty and Staff” on line training by Kognito

4. Use bias-free language, such as:

• Instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” try “partner” or “relationship”

• Use “they” pronouns until you’ve learned which pronouns that person likes to use for themselves

• Instead of “Ladies and gentlemen” try “students,” “scholars,” “writers,” “future scientists,” etc.

• Instead of “you guys” try “you all” or  “everyone”

• Use diverse examples in class that feature LGBTQ+ experiences as well as many others

The video training series, Implicit Bias is a 7-part video course (35 minutes total) accessed through the Learning worklet in Workday (requires sign on).

CHOC Gender, Puberty and Sex Development Program Medical psychological, and support services to children and teens of transgender and intersex experience 888-770-2462

The LGBT Center of OC Counseling Services, Community, Support, Education and more 714-953-5428,

OC ACCEPT LGBTQ+ Medical Care, counseling, support groups, trainings, and more 714-517-6100

PFLAG Support for the friends and family members of LGBTQIA+ people

PFLAG South OC Chapter 949-677-7840,

PFLAG Newport Beach 954-326-9740,

Radiant Health Centers Mental health, HIV testing, and more for LGBTQ+ 949-809-5700

Shanti Orange County Mental Health for LGBTQ+ 946-770-0702,

TG Rainbow Support Group An all-inclusive transgender support group, friends, family, and allies welcome 949-770-0702,

UCI Pediatric Gender Diversity Program Interdisciplinary program dedicated to caring for trans and gender expansive persons up to age 26 714-456-6025