January 19, 2023

Greetings SOCCCD Employees:

The start of the semester marks a new beginning in the academic year. After a holiday break and opening sessions on the campuses—I am filled with invigoration and energy to roll up my sleeves and get to work on many of the important projects and initiatives that we have planned this year.

In order to maintain that high energy, I have to be diligent about keeping myself healthy. I want to encourage you in doing the same by exhibiting courteous and safe practices to prevent the spread of colds and viruses.

I kindly ask that you continue to keep the following in mind when protecting yourself and those who work around you safe and healthy:

  •  Please consider getting a flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster if you have yet to do so.
  • Anyone with COVID symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, should get tested and avoid being around others while at work. This will often require utilizing sick time.
  • Although mask wearing is voluntary, when in crowded rooms or tight spaces with others, we highly recommend and encourage that you wear a mask to lower your risk of catching a cold, flu, COVID-19 or other viruses and to avoid the spread of such viruses if you are asymptomatic.

While many of us would love to be completely out of the COVID era, variants continue to be a threat that should be taken seriously. Your health and safety remain a priority, so please utilize the resources and tools made available on the District COVID-19 Information page.

Again, welcome to the beginning of the spring semester; be and stay well. 

signature Julianna Barnes






Dr. Julianna M. Barnes