Educational Leadership with Dr. Julianna Asperin Barnes podcast

Dr. Al Solano, Founder & Coach at the Continuous Learning Institute, interviewed Chancellor Julianna M. Asperin Barnes on Education Leadership on the Student Success podcast.

In this episode, they discus karate principles and educational leadership application, supporting developmental education reform, a breaking board incident and how it turned into a symbol for the necessary teamwork needed to break institutional barriers, the role of one's authentic "energy", why female leaders need to play "chess behind the scenes", advice for leaders, especially females: focus on internal & external development, and addressing the challenges to implementing change.

"Oftentimes we hear, make sure you pick an institution where you fit. Well, many times we are entering into institutions where we don't fit, but we're creating the fit for people who will follow us. We [as women of color], are the ones paving the way. There is no path before us. We're the ones creating the path." - Chancellor Julianna M. Asperin Barnes

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