from the desk of Chancellor Julianna M. Barnes

Greetings Colleagues:

I am eagerly awaiting the launch to this year’s Undocumented Student Action Week (October 17-21, 2022) and all the programs and activities that the Colleges will offer as helpful resources and tools for students. Please click on the links below to learn more about Undocumented Student Action Week at Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College. 

The California Community College system enrolls the largest population of undocumented students of any segment of public higher education. That’s why it is crucial that we work together to sustain an environment that supports undocumented students with our continual advocacy of DACA reform. Our advocacy on behalf of undocumented students is more vital than ever in light of the recent Federal appeals court decision.

Last week, I sent a message about the recent decision and its potential impact on our students. I touched on the importance of DACA and addressed the tenants that remain in place, regardless of the threats to DACA now in motion. However, I misspoke, when stating that DACA provides a permanent pathway to citizenship. That statement supports a common myth that should be clarified. DACA instead gives beneficiaries a temporary reprieve from deportation, allowing them to stay lawfully in the country, granting them work permits, and opportunities to pursue higher education. Albeit a temporary stopgap measure, DACA is an important tool for undocumented students.

When undocumented immigrants can pursue their career and professional goals free of institutional barriers and discrimination, they are able to reach their educational goals and, in turn, contribute to the improvement of their families, our community, and the economy.

Thank you for your patience and support.


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Julianna M. Barnes, Ed.D.