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Student Success Dashboard  Innovative Projects - Student Success Dashboard

Currently Under Development; Target: Spring 2016

In 2012, the document Advancing Student Success in the California Community Colleges made two recommendations:

  • Recommendation 2.3:  Community colleges will develop and use centralized and integrated technology, which can be accessed through campus or district web portals, to better guide students in their educational process.
  • Recommendation 7.3: Implement a student success scorecard.

The goal of this project is to fulfill these recommendations by producing a personalized Student Success Dashboard for each of our 43,000 students, providing each student with “one-stop-shopping” to visualize progress they are making toward achieving his or her academic goals.  Potential components include information on academic standing and priority registration status, step-by-step instructions to completing matriculation and applying for a degree or certificate.


  • Provides one location in our MySite enterprise web portal that will keep our students continuously apprised of the factors that contribute to their success and how those factors personally impact them.  The dashboard will also be accessible by authorized college faculty/staff to assist students with their goals.
  • Allows student access to information and processes electronically, reducing paper forms, in-person visits and phone calls to various campus offices.
  • Ties together data from disparate sources (MAP, transcripts, degree audit, Sherpa, etc.) and provides an intuitive student-friendly guide.

The mockup below is included for illustrative purposes only; the final product will emerge from our Student-Centered Design methodology.  We are especially intrigued at the prospect of incorporating “gamification” techniques to incentivize behaviors that contribute to student success.

MySite - Student Dashboard