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Human Resources Key Contacts


Reception/General Questions (949) 582-4850 E-Mail HR Info Desk

Academic Administrators and Executives, Academic Faculty
Toni Lakow
HR Operations Supervisor
Academic Administrators and Executives, Academic Faculty
(949) 582-4464
Jake Munns
HR Specialist
Full-time Academic, Sabbatical Leaves
(949) 582-4463
Anastasia Vendrovsky
HR Specialist
Full-time Academic
(949) 582-4461
Susan Kwan
HR Specialist
Part-time Academic A-K
(949) 582-4577
Kristy Coulston
HR Specialist
Part-time Academic L-Z
(949) 348-6051
Classified Administrators and Managers, Classified Staff
Frances Miller
HR Operations Supervisor
Classified Administrators & Managers /Classified Staff
(949) 582-4395
Bic Jensen
HR Specialist
Classified A-G
(949) 582-4462
E-Mail Bic Jensen
Gloria Garcia
HR Specialist
Classified H-N
(949) 348-6127
E-Mail Gloria Garcia
Sarah Mian
HR Specialist
Classified O-Z;
(949) 582-4429
E-Mail Sara Mian
Christopher Adrian
HR Specialist, Classified Recruitments, Police Officers, A-Z
(949) 348-6012
E-Mail Christopher Adrian
Birgit O'Hearn
HR Specialist, Classified Recruitments
(949) 348-6026
E-Mail Birgit O'Hearn
Alison Emmil-Lugo
HR Assistant
Lobby, General Questions
(949) 582-4850 E-Mail Alison Emmit-Lugo
Non-Bargaining Unit and Substitute Employees
Lori Mangels
HR Specialist
Non-Bargaining, Substitutes
(949) 582-4465
Office of Human Resources
Dr. David P. Bugay
Vice Chancellor, HR & Employer/Employee Relations, Policy and Contractual Issues
(949) 582-4698
Beverly Johnson
Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice Chancellor, HR & Employer/Employee Relations; Subpoenas, Summons, Sabbatical Leaves
(949) 582-4698
Teddi Lorch
Executive Director, HR & Employer/Employee Relations, Board Agenda, Contract Administration, Salary Placement
(949) 582-4348
La Nell Peebles
Human Resources and Employer/Employee Relations Office Manager
(949) 582-4466
Ettie Graham
Director, HR, Employee Relations & Compliance
(949) 582-4411
James Laurie
Associate Director Application Delivery, OHR Workday Questions
(949) 582-4382
Leilani Anselmo
HR Compliance Support Specialist (OOC)
(949) 582-4255