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Student Login FAQ

What is my…

Student Number (or ID) and PIN?
These are numeric fields given to you at the time you apply to the college. The Student Number (sometimes referred to as Student ID) is assigned to you and is contained in the email sent to you upon acceptance to the college. The PIN is a four digit number entered by you in the application. These can be used only to login into MySite – all other services require your Username and Password.

Username and Password?
These are assigned to you within 24 hours after you enroll in your first class. Your username is your first initial, your last name and then an assigned number (such as jsmith47). Your password defaults to your PIN number plus two zeros (if your PIN is 4798 then your default password would be 479800). To find your Username, just log into MySite and look in the header of the home page.

How do I…

Login to MySite?
MySite is accessible from the college home pages - look for the MySite button. Use your Student Number and PIN to log into MySite.

Login to Blackboard?
You can access Blackboard using the IVC college home page button. On the Saddleback home page you need to click on: Online Education -> Blackboard. Use your Username and Password to log in.

Login to college computers?
Use your Username and Password to log onto any college computer.

Access my college email?
Look for the email link in the header of MySite. You have to change your password the first time you log into your college email and this process will immediately change it for all other services.

Change my PIN?
Students can change their current PIN by going into MySite and clicking on the “Change PIN/Password” link in the left navigation menu.

Change my Password?
Once a student has a Username and Password, the Password can be changed by going into MySite and clicking on the “Change PIN/Password” link in MySite’s left navigation menu.

What if I…

Don’t know my Student Number?
To protect your privacy you must visit the Admissions & Records office and provide photo identification to retrieve your assigned Student Number.

Don’t know my Username?
You can view your Username and email address by logging into MySite – they will be displayed in the header on the home page.

Forget my PIN?

Your PIN cannot be accessed by anyone – including staff. However you can reset your PIN:

  • Via “Forgot My PIN” if you know your Student Number you can use the “Forgot my PIN” link on the MySite Login Page and you will be prompted for your secret question/answer.
  • By visiting Admissions & Records and providing the necessary identification to reset your PIN.
Need more assistance?

You can contact technical support at each college:


During Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8 am to 8 pm
Friday: 8 am to 2 pm
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Email: scstudenthelp@saddleback.edu
Phone: (949) 582-4363

Student Help Desks:
Computer Labs on the 2nd and 3rd floors of LRC

7/24 College Help Support:
Web Site

Irvine Valley:

Email: ivctech@ivc.edu
Phone: 949-451-5696

After-Hours Blackboard Support:

Phone: (866) 940-8991 (toll-free)
Web Site

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