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Your Email Information

All students at Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College are automatically given email accounts as soon as they enroll in at least one class.  The purpose of this document is to provide you with instructions on how to receive and send email using the student email system from on-campus or off-campus. 

To access your email, you will need to know your account name and your password. To receive email from other people, you will need to provide them with your email address. The following paragraphs describe each of these in detail, but you can see your personal account information by logging into MySite and click on the "Email" button.

Account Name

Your account name is assigned to you automatically the first time you enroll at one of the colleges, and consists of your first initial followed by the first ten characters of your last name followed by a number. If your last name contains characters other than letters, those characters are not included. The number at the end of your account name is used to make unique accounts for those students with the same first initial and last name. For example, if your name is Jane Jones, and the account names of jjones0 and jjones1 were already assigned, your account name would be jjones2. (Note that all student email account names always end in a number - sometimes that number will be zero or one - it will never be the letters 'O' or 'I').


You will also be assigned an initial password for your account. Your initial password is set to your PIN number followed by two zeros (example: 123400). We strongly recommend that you change your password as soon as possible by logging into the web email server at: Click on the "Options" button and then "Password". Please note that your PIN and email password are not linked - changing one does not change the other.

Email Address

Your email address consists of your account name, the '@' sign, and then the email domain name of the college you listed as your college of record. (Note:  Your college of record may be different than the college you are currently attending).  Using the example above, if the college of record for Jane Jones is Saddleback, then her email address will be

If you do not know your email address, the easiest way to find it is to log into MySite and click on the "Email" button. You can also use the electronic directory to look up your name. If there are other students with your name you will be provided a list of possible choices. Click on each one and you will be presented with detailed information to help you determine which email address belongs to you. The directory will show you all of the email addresses that have been assigned to you. Along with your college email address, you have also been given a district email address to ensure your email account name remains unique at both colleges. You may use either of these addresses to receive email.

On-Campus Email

Saddleback College:
There are 20 computers located on the second floor of the library that are available to all Saddleback College students.  These computers are equipped with the "Postmaster" program that will allow you to send and receive email.
Irvine Valley College:
Students may access their E-Mail by using any one of the 35 computers located on the first floor of the IVC Library. Tutors are available in the Library to assist students with their E-Mail process. The computers are available during all hours the Library is open.

If you have questions, you can contact IVC Technical Support at:

Off-Campus Email

To get your email from off-campus, you will need your own method to connect to the internet.  Off-campus internet access is not provided by the colleges.  The method you choose could be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) you connect to from your home, or your employer might provide you with this service.

Forwarding Your Email

The simplest method to collect your college email is to forward the email sent to your college address to your own personal email address.  This way you only need to check one email account, but you can still be sure you read any email sent from the college.  To accomplish this, you should log into MySite, click on the "Email" page and then click on "Web Email Documentation". It gives you step-by-step directions on managing your email account, including forwarding your email to another address.

After you submit your forwarding email address, the server will notify you that the update process was successful.  It would be a good idea for you to verify the forwarding is working.  Just send yourself some email to your college email address.  Check your email from your ISP to verify the test message was forwarded correctly.

Accessing the Student Email Server from Off-Campus

You can also access your email directly from any computer that has the appropriate internet connection and software.  The email client software you are using will need to be configured properly to access the student email server.  The server uses the POP3 email protocol, and the configuration settings are as follows:

Mail server user name:
Your Account Name (i.e. jjones2)
Outgoing mail server:
You will need to get this information from your Internet Service Provider. Outgoing mail must be handled by your ISP, but the return address will still be your college account.
Incoming mail server:
Email address: 
Your full email address (i.e.