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Business Services - How to Do Business With the District

How to Do Business With the District

Your first contact for information about doing business with the district will be with the Procurement Department.  Call Procurement at 949-582-4680 and ask to speak to a buyer.  You will be asked several questions to determine which buyer would likely purchase the goods and services you supply.

The buyer will ask you questions about your company and the products and services you can provide, such as: product/service availability, pricing, and other companies you have serviced.  The buyer may request a meeting to discuss, in greater details, business opportunities with the district.  You will be asked to submit to the buyer's attention a letter of interest including your name, company address, phone number and a description of your products or services. 

The District is required to formally bid for expenditures of more than $15,000 for construction services and more than $96,700 for materials, supplies, or non-construction services to be furnished, sold or leased (California Public Contract Code Section 20651). All bids are listed on the district website.  Click here to view.  For goods and services below required bid amounts, the buyer will use a variety of methods to secure competitive prices: telephone (oral) and written requests for quotes, as well as formal bids.

The buyer's responsibility is to find the best value.  Value is judged as the ability to obtain a product or services of specified quality at a designated time and at reasonable and competitive price.  Lowest prices is not the sole determinant.  Delivery time, payment terms, quality of the goods or services may also be considered.