Business Services

Business Services - Facilities Planning

The Facilities Planning Department:

  • Plans and coordinates renovation and new construction projects;
  • Establishes specifications for bidding processes for major and minor construction and repair projects;
  • Prepares bid award recommendations for Board consideration; and
  • Assists in preparation of master plans for all campuses.
  • Districtwide plans and studies are available the Facilities Planning Department for review:
    • Facilities Condition Assessments Reports
    • Parking Study
    • ADA Transition Report
    • Sustainability Report

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Facilities Planning Is located on the third floor of the Health Science Building. 
Click here for building location.

Contact Us:

Facilities Planning:                            949-582-4678

Medhanie Ephrem
Executive Director, Facilities Planning 949-582-4678   E-Mail Medhanie
Mary Opel    
Director, Facilities Planning 949-348-6021 E-Mail Mary
Nawar Al Juburi    
Senior Project Manager 949-348-6129 E-Mail Nawar
Mark Schoeppner    
Project Manager 949-348-6126 E-Mail Mark
Matt Blitch    
Project Manager 949-348-6041 E-Mail Matt
Jennifer Bonkowski    
Senior Administrative Assistant        949-348-6017 E-Mail Jennifer
Jose Recinos    
Senior Director of Facilities 949-582-4880      E-Mail Jose
Jeff Hurlbut    
Director of Facilities 949-451-5255 E-Mail Jeff