Board Meeting Highlights

South Orange County Community College District

September 29, 2014

COMMENDATIONS .........................................................................

South Orange County Community College District   Saddleback College President Tod Burnett commended student Iman Moujtahed for receiving a national award for her artwork on the cover of WALL, Saddleback’s Literary Journal. Iman was singled out among hundreds of students around the country for a Judges’ Award in the 2013 Literary Magazine Competition sponsored by the Community College Humanities Association. Titled “Writings on the Wall,” Iman’s award-winning artwork is a digital photo manipulation that includes images of ancient castle ruins in Syria, lines of her poetry embedded within the bricks, and a self-portrait in a handmade corset. She described the piece as being “like the journey into becoming an open book.”
South Orange County Community College District  

The new Irvine Valley College Life Sciences Building, designed by Dougherty & Dougherty, LLP received a grand design award for Best Education Project in an annual competition which honors architectural design and planning excellence. The award highlighted the building's innovative relationship between labs, support spaces and common areas to link the design together, demystify the sciences and invite students to explore. Chancellor Gary Poertner, Facilities Planning Director Brandye D'Lena, IVC Professor Kathy Schmeidler, IVC Dean Lianna Zhao and IVC President Glenn Roquemore accepted the awards for the college and district.


THE BOARD APPROVED ..................................................................

South Orange County Community College District

  • All consent calendar items and academic and classified personnel actions. For additional information,please contact the Chancellor, College President or appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  • Announcement and recruitment of a full-time Journalism faculty replacement position contingent upon funding, at Saddleback College for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • Saddleback College Forensics Team and their coaches to attend the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament in Cleveland, OH, on April 3-12, 2015, and the Hell Froze Over Tournament in Chicago, IL, on January 9-12, 2015, at a cost not to exceed $40,844.
  • Travel request for up to six Fine Arts and Media Technology Division students and a Saddleback College staff member to attend the National Student Electronic Media Convention in San Antonio October 22-26, 2014 at a cost not to exceed $10,541.
  • Amendment No. 2 with gkkworks for additional architectural services in the amount of $29,505 for the Saddleback College Photo/Radio/Television Renovation project for a total contract value of $119,005.
  • Amendment No. 1 to reassign $46,700 of the contract balance for use on the A400 Design-build project and decrease the total contract amount by $30,688 for a revised total contract amount of $342,172.
  • Trustee Prendergast attendance at the California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly and Annual Education Conference.
  • Resolution No. 14-33 approving the revised Conflict of Interest Code subject to the review and approval by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.
  • Agreement with JB Technology Consulting, LLC, for an amount not to exceed $117,844, for the term of October 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 to support ongoing operations and project obligations of District IT heavily involved in the implementation of the Workday HR/Financial systems.
  • LPA, Inc. agreement for the ATEP IVC First Building project criteria architect in the amount of $644,300.
  • Payment to Trustee Padberg who was absent from the August 25, 2014 board meeting.
  • Extended use of Master Price Agreement No. B27164 through the December 31, 2014 for Hewlett Packard Co computers and related devices. Annual expenditures for the term under this agreement will not exceed $2,500,000.
  • Award ATEP Demolition work to AMPCO Contracting, Inc. of Anaheim, CA, in the amount of $2,425,000.
  • Resolution No.14-32 to approve the reductions and/or discontinuance of two classified employees due to lack of funds and/or lack of work.

REPORTS .................................................................................

  • Trustee Jemal participated in outreach meetings with prominent OC employers to discuss business partnerships. He thanked the presidents for those meetings. He enjoyed attending the social entrepreneurship competition final pitches to investors and thanked the faculty and staff for putting the program together.  He commented that he would like to see these efforts better connected to what is happening at the colleges. He commented on his continuing concerns regarding our relationships with for-profit colleges and suggested that our relationships are different than our relationships with public institutions. He is especially concerned about the disproportionate level of student debt at these institutions. Trustee Milchiker enjoyed the Marie Curie science series at SC and reflected on how the science series inspires our student become scientists. She also attended the recital at IVC featuring several faculty members and an educational session on concertos. The Orange County Community College Legislative Task Force is monitoring the work of AB 86 and continues to advocate for adult education priorities. Trustee Padberg commented that she was happy to be back after an extended absence. She is especially excited about the landmark legislation, SB 850, which will enable 15 colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees. She is hoping that one of our colleges will apply to the pilot program.  Trustee Prendergast welcomed back Trustee Padberg. Trustee Wright attended IVC 9-11 commemoration and enjoyed the ceremony as well as educational displays on first responders. He attended the school board fiscal update and the SC football game. He attended a California community college deans retreat where he presented with others around the state on leadership and building student pathways to success. Trustee Lang attended IVC’s 9-11 ceremony and  applauded everyone who helped organize the event. He hopes to see an increase in community attendance next year. He attended the school board fiscal update. He remarked how happy he was to see the legislation enabling bachelor’s degrees to be piloted at the community college level since 21 other states are already doing this successfully. He looks forward to our involvement in it. Student Trustee Carrillo said the IVC 9-11 ceremony touched him, especially the stories from first responders. He called the ceremony “astonishing.”

  • Chancellor Poertner said the colleges continue to implement the student success act. Part of that provides for a student equity plan. An overview is being presented at this board meeting then a full report from each college will be brought to the board one at a time in future meetings to be addressed more fully.
  • Saddleback College - President Tod Burnett's report included: The college held it’s 9/11 Commemoration at the Saddleback College Veterans Memorial. President Burnett had the honor of joining Orange County Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Sanchez in dedicating a wreath to honor those lost on September 11, 2001. Dr. Burnett attended the Conference for Community College Advancement (CASE) from September 16 to 19 in Sacramento. He hosted the session, "What Do Legislators Want from Community Colleges?” and facilitated "Building a Productive College Fundraising Program."  The final presentation pitch for the finalists of the Orange County Social Entrepreneurship Competition was held on Monday, September 13th in the Board of Trustees auditorium. The finalists presented their business plans to address complex social problems to social impact investors.  On September 8th, the Saddleback College Art Gallery presented Metal Extinction: Using Metal to Honor and Make Permanent our Vanishing World, and continuing through October 2nd. The Transfer Center hosted its annual Transfer Day on September 3rd. More than 70 universities were represented to provide information to Saddleback students. The Veterans Resource Fair was held on September 9th and was hosted by the VETS Program. Saddleback College student veterans, active duty personnel, and military family members were in invited to connect with resources that help veterans achieve their goals.  Campus Police - Seven police officers, support staff and Jeanne Harris-Caldwell, student health center director, attended Earthquake Preparedness and Response four-day training at the FEMA Training Center, U.S. Homeland Security, in Emmitsburg, MD. 


  • Irvine Valley College - President Glenn Roquemore's report included: The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Henry Samueli School of Engineering, The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and three community college partners - Irvine Valley College (IVC), Saddleback College and Santa Ana College—the largest award ($1.8M) of its kind to increase the number of students, especially those from underrepresented groups, receiving baccalaureate degrees in engineering and computer science.  The college hosted its annual commemoration ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of 9/11 with a new educational and informational aspects such as disaster preparedness. The PAC lobby featured displays showing the events of that day, mourning lives lost, and ringing a bell at the exact moment the planes crashed on September 11, 2001.  President Glenn Roquemore and Tere Fluegeman, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, spent several days in Washington, DC advocating for IVC’s ambitious economic and workforce development goals. President Glenn Roquemore awarded the Administration Award to Dr. Linda Fontanilla, the Classified Leadership Award to Dr. Craig Hayward, the Faculty Award to Michelle Scharf, the Part-Time Faculty Award to Caryn Sussman and the Classified Staff Award was presented to Vincent Cooper. On October 1, IVC will hold a mega community outreach event where 50 staff, faculty and administrators will visit 10 local businesses in Irvine (500 total) thanking them for their contributions to the community.


  • Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College Vice Presidents for Student Services, Dr. Linda Fontanilla and Dr. Juan Avalos provided a brief overview of the requirements for the Student Equity Plan. The three-year student equity plans analyze which students are succeeding and which are not and develops strategies to enhance success rates. This is supported with a strong relationship between instruction and student services and between the two colleges. Over the last four years there has been a lot of discussion focusing on outcomes and student equity plans have emerged to take a closer look at disproportionate impact. Now it is part of the mainstream conversation on student success and is supported with a budget from the state. College-wide teams are meeting and digesting information and determining where we want to make a difference such as foster youth, veterans, CalWorks, gender, race, and students with disabilities. The colleges are determining areas to shore up gaps in equality. Goals are to provide equity in access, retention, degree and certificate completion, ESL and basic skills completion and transfer.

VIEWING ONLINE/TV.......................................................................

The board meeting will be available for viewing online this week at Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, October 3 and Saturday, October 4 on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33.  SC TV 39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, October 5 at 7 pm.


South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

William O. Jay, Timothy Jemal, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,
T.J. Prendergast III, James R. Wright; Keefe Carrillo, Student Trustee

Gary L. Poertner, Chancellor


Board Meeting Highlights Prepared by:
Tere Fluegeman, District Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations