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Creating New Trustee Area Maps

The current election structure for the South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) Board of Trustees requires that each trustee reside in one of the trustee areas 1-7, with each trustee representing one area. However, each trustee runs at-large, seeking votes from residents throughout SOCCCD and not limited to the trustee area where they reside. This current election structure will be modified during the on-going redistricting process to meet the standards of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) of 2001. The CVRA gave more robust legal backing to minority groups in California who have expressed that “at-large” elections have diluted their voting rights. Following the process of drawing the trustee area maps based on the 2020 census data, trustees must reside in a designated area and be elected by a majority of votes cast by constituents living in that area rather than at-large throughout South Orange County.

The boundaries of each Trustee Area is currently being reviewed and proposed changes will be presented to the public and considered by the Board of Trustees based on population changes reflected in the 2020 census.

It’s extremely important that the Board of Trustees hear from the public about the proposed maps and what you feel are boundaries for neighborhoods and Trustee Areas.

How to Participate

Share your specific thoughts, attend an upcoming public hearing, and provide feedback on draft Trustee Area maps to get involved!


Share Your Thoughts

Submit written testimony about your community, the process, or a specific map to


Upcoming Board Meetings & Agendas

The public is invited to comment at the Board of Trustees meeting regarding the new area maps. Below are the next meeting dates that will consider draft map proposals. Please click the date to view the agenda (if one is available):


Review Our Current Trustee Area Maps

Look at existing Trustee Area maps

Link to current detailed Board of Trustees map - street level map (Zoom-in)


Link to current Board of Trustees map.


Link to approved Registrar of Voters Board of Trustees map