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Waitlist FAQ for Students

A new waitlist system is now available and this FAQ is here to answer your questions. You can watch a quick video below and there are questions and answers for you to browse as well.

Getting on a Waitlist

Q:  What is a waitlist?

A:    The waitlist system allows students to sign up on a list for a full class on a “first come, first served” basis and enables the system to fill open seats as they become available.

Q:  Do all classes have a waitlist?

A:    No, not all classes will have a waitlist - it's up to the instructor for each class.  In the Class Schedule, Waitlist Available will appear for full or closed classes that are waitlist enabled.  The Details page will show you how many students are currently on the waitlist for each class.

Q:  How do I sign up for a waitlist?

A:    By registering for a class. If the class is closed and it has a waitlist, you will be prompted during registration if you want to be added to the waitlist.

Q:  Will the waitlist check my class schedule conflicts? 

A:    No. This is because you may want to make adjustments to your schedule if the desired class you want to take becomes available.

Q:  How do I know if was added to the waitlist?

A:    You will receive a confirmation message in registration. In addition, you will be sent an email confirmation.

Q:  Can I get on the waitlist if I have not met the prereq for the class?

A:    No - if you don’t meet the prereq for a class, you can’t get on the waitlist.

Q:  Once I am on a waitlist, am I automatically enrolled in a class?

A:    No. If a seat opens before the class starts and you are in the first place position on the waitlist then you will receive a notification, which includes an APC that you can use to register for the class.

Q:  Can I be on more than just one waitlist?

A:    Yes - you can be on as many waitlists as you want for the same course, even if you are already enrolled in a different section of that course.

Q:  Does the waitlist ever close?

A:    Yes - you will not be able to sign up for a waitlist  if the first day of instruction for the class has occurred or the instructor has identified a date to stop accepting waitlist signups, whichever comes first.


Viewing Waitlists

Q:  Where in MySite can I see my waitlist information?

A:    Go to My Classes and click the Waitlists link. You can see your place on a waitlist, the status, and other information.

Q:  Can I view my waitlists on my phone?

A:    Yes, use the MySite Mobile app, which also has a waitlist page. You can find MySite Mobile inside the Saddleback and IVC mobile apps, which are available for iPhone and Android. 

Q:  How do I keep track of what place I am on the waitlist?

A:    You can monitor your place on your waitlists in MySite under My Classes -> Waitlists, or through the MySite Mobile app.


Removal from Waitlists

Q:  How do I remove myself from a waitlist?

A:    Go to My Classes and click the Waitlists link. Find the class you want to remove yourself from in the grid and click the box in the Remove column, and click on the Remove button below. You will receive an email confirmation of the removal.

Q:  If I remove myself, do I get my same place back if I change my mind?

A:    No – you can add yourself back to the waitlist but you will be at the end of the line.



Q:  What types of notifications will I receive when I sign up for waitlist?

A:    You will receive email confirmations when you add yourself or remove yourself from a waitlist, but you will only receive a text message when an APC is generated for you to actually enroll in the class.

Q:  Can I be notified by text message when a seat opens?

A:    Yes – However, only when an APC is issued for you to enroll in a class.

Q:  How do I opt in to receive text messaging?

A:    Go to My Classes and click the Waitlists link. You will be able to enter your phone information in the Text Message Notification tab.

Q:  How do I change my phone number for text messaging?

A:    You click the Change Address link under My Information in MySite.

Q:  What happens when a seat opens up?

A:    When a seat opens and you are # 1 on the list you will receive an email (and text if you set that option), with the details to allow you to register.

·         In the email you will get an APC code that can only be used by you and it will expire at 11:00 PM the following day.

·         If you do not use the APC code before it expires you are removed from the waitlist and will lose your spot.

Q:  What is an APC?

A:    An APC or Add Priority Code is an automatically generated unique code used for students to register for a full class, and is used in concurrence with a ticket number when registering for a class. Instructors can also manually issue these codes.

Q:  Can my friends or family use the APC issued to me?

A:    No.

Q:  What if the class has started and I am still on the waitlist? 

A:    Always attend the 1st meeting of the class. If you don’t get into the class before it starts, the instructor may choose to use the waitlist to distribute APC codes at the first class meeting.  It is entirely up to the instructor how seats are allocated once the class starts so your instructor may use criteria other than the waitlist.  The class Details page may contain additional information from the instructor, so you can check that page for further instructions.





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