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MySite and Blackboard Login Change

On Monday, March 24th we are changing the way MySite and Blackboard authenticate users when they log in. The district has supported two methods (LDAP and AD) for many years and we are standardizing on one (AD). For a vast majority of you, there will be no impact resulting from this change, however some of you have a different password on the network or email system (which uses AD) than MySite and Blackboard (which currently uses LDAP). Starting on 3/24 you will use your network/email password for MySite and Blackboard.

If you are having any problems logging into MySite or Blackboard use the same password you use to log into the college network or email system. Your username will be the same - this only impacts the password.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the following people:

Saddleback College:


  • Faculty, staff and students can contact the Technology Service Desk at ext. 5696 or ivctech@ivc.edu.

Both Colleges After-Hours Blackboard Support:

  • Phone: (866) 940-8991 (toll free)


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