Business Services

Business Services

The Vice Chancellor of Business Services:

  • Oversees all District business departments including Fiscal Services, Accounting, Payroll and Benefits, Facilities Planning, Risk Services, Procurement, Central Services (warehouse/mailroom services), Internal Audit, and ATEP Development;
  • Chairs the District Resources Allocation Council (DRAC) to develop procedures for allocation of general fund resources;
  • Chairs the Board Policies and Administrative Regulation Advisory Council (BPARAC);
  • Chairs the Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) to develop capital project recommendations;
  • Provides leadership for all Advanced Technology & Education Park partnership negotiations; and public-private partnership developments;
  • Oversees implementation of five-year construction plan and Facilities Master Plan, and
  • Processes all contract documents

Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Business Address: 28000 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Business Services is located on the third floor of the Health Sciences Building.
Click here for the building location.

Contact Us:


Ann-Marie Gabel, CPA
Vice Chancellor, Business Services  949-582-4664 E-mail Ann-Marie
Sandi Sembiazza    
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor   949-582-4663  E-Mail Sandi
Kim McCord    
Executive Director, Fiscal Services/Comptroller 949-582-4661 E-mail Kim

Brandye D'Lena


Executive Director, Facilities Planning

949-582-4678 E-mail Brandye
Priya Jerome    
Executive Director, Procurement, Central Services and Risk Management 949-582-4680 E-mail Priya
Victor Negrete    
Executive Director, Public-Private Partnership Development 949-582-4627 E-mail Victor
Richard Kudlik  
Internal Auditor 949-582-4647 E-mail Richard
Medhanie Ephrem    
Director of ATEP Development 949-582-4531 E-mail Medhanie