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Business Services

Business Services - Purchasing


Key Contacts

Name and Responsibility Phone Email Address

Brandye D'Lena

Acting Executive Director, Business Services

(949) 582-4678 E-Mail Brandye
Wayne Kethley
Central Services Manager
(949) 582-4677  E-Mail Wayne
Misael Banderas
Lead Warehouse Worker
Saddleback College
(949) 348-4683 E-Mail Misael

Luis Vargas

Warehouse Worker
Saddleback College

(949) 348-6019
Jorge Martinez
Warehouse Worker
Saddleback College
(949) 348-6020 E-Mail Jorge
Julio Bernacci
Central Services Specialist
(949) 582-4982 E-Mail Julio
Doug Hoskey
Mail Assistant
(949) 582-4676 E-Mail Doug
Ted Miller
Lead Warehouse Worker
Irvine Valley College
(949) 451-5242 E-Mail Ted
Jorge (George) Vargas
Warehouse Worker
(949) 451-5610

E-Mail Jorge


Warehouse Worker

Delivery Driver/Courier

(949) 582-4982