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Board Policies

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Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR) - 2000 Series Administration
BP-2001.pdf   BP - 2001
Administration Organization
BP-2100.pdf   BP - 2100
Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor
BP-2100.1.pdf   BP - 2100.1
Delegation of Authority to the Academic Senate
BP-2100.2RoleandScopeofAuthorityoftheAcademicSenates.pdf   BP - 2100.2
Role and Scope of Authority of the Academic Senates
BP-2101-DelegationofAuthoritytotheCollegePresident.pdf   BP - 2101
Delegation of Authority to the College President
BP-2102.pdf   BP - 2102
Recognition of United States and California Flags
BP-2120InstitutionalPlanning.pdf   BP - 2120
Institutional Planning
BP-2120InstitututionalPlanning-AR.pdf   AR - 2120
Institutional Planning
BP-2125-WeaponsonCampus.pdf   BP - 2125
Weapons on Campus
AR-2125   AR - 2125
Weapons on Campus
BP-2150   BP - 2150
Smoke and Tobacco Free District
AR-2150   AR - 2150 Smoke and Tobacco Free District
BP-2210-HIPAAPrivacyPolicy.pdf   AR - 2210